Between Space and Politics: Problematizing the Governance of Zaatari Camp in Northern Jordan

Idafat (The Arab Journal of Sociology) | Vol. 31/32

This paper looks into the different dimensions and dynamics through which politics are being practiced and represented in Zaatari camp. It explains how and why, an informal power structure like ‘street leaders’ appeared in the camp, and how the attempts to develop a city-like governance structure became very problematic in the theoretical absence of politics. Regarding the latter, the paper shows how architecture, space and territories became arenas for practicing a ‘camouflaged’ politics, and how refugees crossed the borders of exclusion and acted as citizens, focusing on the case of ‘Al Bahrini’ School.

The paper is written in Arabic and published at Idafat – The Arab Journal of Sociology. 

Idafat (Arab Journal of Sociology)