Muscat: A Coastal City?

Muscat is a rapidly urbanizing city with different neighbourhoods stretching alongside its cost. How can we diversify the urban fabric of the city and make it more inclusive? What types of different urban functions, designs, and arrangement would suit the developing city best? This research-design seminar was based on exploring the notion of coastal city around the world and how they develop, while trying to create different suggestions for Muscat, focusing on the different areas stretching around its coastline: from the Old city, to the newly built and expat-friendly gated communities, and properties of oil refinery. The course was conducted with professor Frank Eisenmann and within the framework of a bigger project aiming to make concrete suggestions for urban improvements to the Municipality of Muscat, Oman.

  • Institution
    German University of Technology in Oman (GUTech)
  • Department
    Urban Planning and Architecture Department (UPAD)
  • Parts of the coast near the Old City
  • Decaying urban heritage in Oman (Courtesy: Ayham Dalal, 2016)