• Camps in Europe and the Middle East: Comparative Views

    The lecture was offered in a seminar course led by Dr Kamel Doraï about refugee camps in the Middle East.
    Sciences Po


  • Architectural Representations: Methods of Visualization and Analysis

    The talk was part of the book launching event "Inhabiting Displacement: Architecture and Authorsip" co-edited and organised by Shahd Seethaler-Wari, Somayeh Chitchian and Maja Momic. The talk discussed the importance of exploring new ways of visualisation research and its findings, especially in the context of subaltern urbanism.
    Harvard University Graduate School of Design (GSD)

    Cambridge, Massachusetts

  • Refugees and Displacement

    Exploring the opportunities and threats of rapidly shifting population patterns in the Arab world due to domestic, interregional, and international migration and displacement; and discussing the corresponding trends in Arab urbanism in light of modernization, political turmoil, and resource shortages. For poster see: http://habitat-unit.de/files/poster.pdf
    Birzeit University / GIZ Palestine


  • Appropriating Shelter

    The talk was part of the launching event of the new issue of Trialog magazine (140/144) titled "Displacement and the City", and co-edited by Eva Dick, Einhard Schmidt-Kallert and Benjamin Schraven.


  • 13 Square Meters – Screening and Talk

    The film was presented to master students working on a project focused on Social Design and Migration, supervised by Gesine Last and Gosia Warrnik.
    Universität der Künste (UdK)


  • Planning the Ideal Refugee Camp? Between Innovations and Appropriations

    The lecture was part of the series Pt.Talks organised at the Faculty of Architecture at RWTH Aachen University, Department of Planning Theory and City Development; and coordinated by Katherina Frieling and Martin Bangratz.
    RWTH Aachen University


  • Topics on Refugee Inhabitation

    The lecture was offered during the workshop "Building Refugees Integration through urban development and soCial work (BRICK)" organized by Dr Hassan El Mouelhi and Dr Ayat Nashwan. The workshop took place in Jordan and focused on Husn refugee camp.
    Yarmouk University

    Irbid, Jordan

  • Revisiting Distance: Between the “Overly Connected” and the “Overly Isolated” worlds

    This presentation was given at the panel "Revisiting Distance" organised by Dr. Tauri Tuvikene, Louise Sophie Sträuli and Aleksandra Ianchenko. The panel was part of the yearly conference Royal Geographical Society (RGS-IBG) 2021.
    Royal Geographical Society


  • On the Materiality of Refugee Camps

    This presentation was given at a panel organised by Dr Daniel Fischer and Dr Sarah Hughes under the title "The Material Politics of Migration 1: (De)constructing Confinement". The panel is organised within the Royal Geographical Society Conference (RGS-IBG) 2021.
    Geographical Society Conference


  • The Right to Dwell

    The lecture was presented in the framework on the seminar "Housing, Crises and Catastrophes" led by Prof. Daniela Dolores Zupan for the master students at the European Cities and Urban Heritage program.
    Weimar University


  • Appropriating Azraq Camp: Between Disciplinary Planning and Resistance

    This presentation (co-authored with Leticia Palomino and Petra Heber) was presented at the conference "Camps across the world: global and local perspectives" organised by Lucas Oesch at the University of Luxembourg as part of the REFUGOV project.
    University of Luxembourg


  • Refugees and Urban Space

    The invited talk touched upon various topics and aspects that are on the intersection between displacement and space. The talk was presented at the seminar "Lexicon on Forced Migration" at the Department of International Studies led by Prof. Maria Höhn.
    Vassar College

    Poughkeepsie, New York

  • Planning the Ideal Refugee Camp: Refugees in Cities and Camps

    The presentation took place during the online Workshop titled: "The Newcomers' Right to the City: Decolonial Commoning Practices and Intersectional Spatial Justice" organised by Charalampos Tsavdaroglou and Maria Kaia.
    University of Amsterdam + Center for Urban Studies


  • Reflections on Practices of Mapping Spatial Memory and Urban Heritage among Displaced Syrians from Homs

    This lecture was presented in the workshop "Out of the Archives...New Archival Practices: Towards Alternative Historiographies, Voices and Spaces" curated by fellows at the EUME program.
    Forum Transregionale Studien


  • Potentials and Challenges of Mapping Syrian Urban Heritage

    Invited lecture in the Course: Contemporary visual cultures in/of the 'Middle East': an interdisciplinary survey of (mis)representation. The course was organized and led by Dr Rasha Chatti.
    Bard College


  • Planning the Ideal Refugee Camp?

    The presentation was part of the workshop: "Inside-Out Outside-In: Shifting Architectures of Refugees Inhabitation" organised by Shahd Wari, Maja Momic and Somayeh Chitchian.
    Max-Planck-Institute for the Study of Religious and Ethnic Diversity


  • Refugees’ Architecture

    The lecture was provided during the session discussing contemporary urban issues in the Middle East. It was provided during the first Tbilisi Architecture Biennial organized and curated by Tinatin Gurgenidze.
    Tbilisi Architecture Biennial

    Tbilisi, Georgia

  • We Refugees, We Architects: Zaatari Camp between Humanitarianism, Transnationalism and Local Social Agendas

    This invited lecture was presented at the annual AUB program "City Debates". The theme of this year's conference was Architecture-as- Urbanism: Agenda for the New Millennium, curated by Prof. Robert Saliba.
    American University of Beirut


  • Caravanized Urbanism: Territoriality, Morphology and the Social Structuring of Space in Zaatari Camp

    The lecture was offered during the workshop "Navigating Displacement and Humanitarian Responses: Discourses and Experiences of Syrian Refugees and Aid Providers in Jordan" organized by Dr Dina Zbeidy.
    Amsterdam Institute for Social Science Research (AISSR), University of Amsterdam


  • Refugees as Architects

    This invited lecture was presented to master students in International Development Studies at Tampere University. The course was led by Dr. Elisa Pasccui.
    Tampere University


  • What is a Refugee Camp?

    The lecture was offered during a Roundtable discussion at the French Institute in Amman, organized by Ifpo. The session included various inputs from academics and practitioners reflecting on the meaning and impact of housing refugees in camps.
    Institut Français


  • Jordan: Refuge of Camps and Informal Cities

    The lecture was offered during a series of talks organized by W3 – Werkstatt für Internationale Politik und Kultur in Hamburg, revolving around culture and migration politics in Germany.
    W3 – Werkstatt für Internationale Politik und Kultur


  • Tracing the Urbanization of Syrian Camps in Jordan

    The lecture was presented during the RGS conference in London, and during a session organized by Dr Irit Katz, Dr Diana Martin and Dr Claudio Minca.
    Royal Geographical Society


  • Syrian Refugees in Jordan: Challenges, Potentials and the Right to the Urban

    The lecture was offered during the International Community and Refugees Conference organized by Amnesty International in Istanbul, and supported by Rosa Luxembourg Stiftung.
    Amnesty International


  • Reflections on Displacement and Urbanism: The Case of Zaatari Camp

    The lecture was offered during the Urban Studies Seminar under the title "Refugees in the City". The event and the seminar were chaired and organized by Prof Ulrike Freitag and Dr Nora Lafi.
    Zenturm Moderne Orient (ZMO)