Zu Flucht is an open-air exhibition that deals with issues of migration and exile. The exhibition is located in front of the ruins at the Anhalter Bahnhof in Berlin, and was built using containers used to accommodate refugees in the city. The exhibition was designed and built by architecture students at TU Berlin with the support of different actors and organisations. The exhibition is divided into two parts: Exil Damals (exile in the old days) and Exil Heute (exile today). Together with my colleagues at TU Berlin (Antonia Noll, Veronika Zaripova and Philipp Misselwitz), we have curated the Exile Heute part of the exhibition.

The Exil Heute part aimed to reveal the challenges and complexities of refugee accommodation in Berlin. Based on the findings of the research project “Architectures of Asylum” we used the container as a site of archeological excavation. There we traced the appropriation of the container, showing the tension between the notion of the “shelter” and the “dwelling” or “home”.

For more info on the exhibition, read here.


  • Location
    Anhalter Bahnhof, Berlin
  • In Collaboration With
    Natural Building Lab, Exil Stiftung, BIM, Sans Serif, and Morgen.Jetzt
  • Duration
    June-October 2021
  • The curated container (Courtesy of Veronika Zaripova)
  • A view on the exhibition from the tower (Courtesy of Veronika Zaripova)
  • Traced appropriations in red and standardised furniture in white (Courtsey of Veronika Zaripova)